soundSCAPE Irish Artist-in-Residence

Composer Ann Cleare has been announced as Irish Artist-in-Residence at the soundSCAPE festival 2018, sponsored by the Contemporary Music Centre and Association of Irish Composers. Ann will join the faculty for the festival, which will take place between 8-21 July this year in Cesena, Italy.

Ann Cleare is an Irish composer working in the areas of concert music, opera, extended sonic environments, and hybrid instrumental design. Her work has been commissioned and presented by major broadcasters such as the BBC, NPR, ORF, RTÉ, SWR, WDR for festivals such as Gaudeamus, Wittenertage fur Neue Kammermusik, International Music Institute Darmstadt, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, IMATRONIC, and MATA, working with ensembles such as: ICE, ELISION, JACK Quartet, Ensemble Nikel, Yarn/Wire, ensemble mosaik, and The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Ann has studied at University College Cork, IRCAM, and holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. She currently lectures in Composition at the University of York, England, and will soon commence as Assistant Professor of the Music and Media Technologies Masters at Trinity College Dublin. Her scores are published by Project Schott New York.