norður (north)

13 Dec 2015 - 8:30pm
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

norður  (north)

part of the Directions concert series

curated by composer Linda Buckley

8.30pm, 13 December 2015

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

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The Association of Irish Composers is delighted to present the first in a new concert series, titled Directions.

Directions explores the many facets of music composition in Ireland, and their broader context in the international scene. The series consists of six concerts, each curated by a different composer with a selection of Irish and international works. The result will be unique musical experiences, built from the experiences, interests and passions of the curators Linda Buckley, Kevin Volans Grainne Mulvey, Ed Bennett, Peter Moran and Karen Power. Supported by Arts Council Ireland. 

Further dates to be announced soon.

The first concert in the series is curated by Linda Buckley, and features performers Michelle O’Rourke (voice), Kate Ellis (cello), David Bremner (organ).

"I have long been fascinated by the North -  the Nordic countries, expanse of land and ocean, from residencies on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, to the vast Icelandic countryside. The title norður comes from the Icelandic word for ‘north’. 

This programme represents many areas of interest from me, with field recording and themes of sea and winter, to music rooted in immersion and atmosphere. I certainly feel an affinity to the Irish composers featured - the sonic experimentation of Conal Ryan, the purity and harmony of Garrett Sholdice, also deeply inspired by a love of Medieval music. 

I also wished to include composers who are perhaps not frequently heard in Ireland – the Danish Jacob Kirkegaard, Icelandic Daniel Bjarnason, Norwegian Jana Winderen and the young New York composer Jacob Cooper, all making work that holds a strong personal connection for me. 

The chosen instrumentation conveys the timbres and combinations that I have been most inspired by over the years: female voice, cello, organ and electronics, performed by close collaborators and friends Michelle O’Rourke, Kate Ellis and David Bremner."

– Linda Buckley


John Luther Adams (Alaska) – At a Still Point (tape)

David Bremner – Sweelinck Fractal (Organ solo)

Maurice Duruflé – Pie Jesu from Requiem (Voice, Cello, Organ)

Jana Winderen (Norway) – Submerged (Tape)

Daniel Bjarnason (Iceland) – Bow to String II: Blood to Bones

Bow to String III: Air to Breath (Cello & Electronics)

Jacob Kirkegaard (Denmark) – Auditorium (Tape)

Conal Ryan – fifth ooze (Organ solo)

Jonathan Nangle – Coastal Field Recordings (Tape) 

Jacob Cooper – Silver Threads (Voice & Electronics)

Benjamin Britten – Corpus Christi Carol (Voice, Organ)

Garrett Sholdice – Organum on Viderunt Omnes (Voices, Cello, Organ)

Linda Buckley – improvisation on Passages installation piece (Voices, Cello, Organ, electronics)