listen | compose | perform

3 Jun 2016 - 8:00pm
12 Henrietta St., Dublin


listen | compose | perform

live improvisation and composition curated by composer Karen Power

3 June, 8pm 

12 Henrietta St, Dublin 1


An event that explores the edges of this composer/performer/listener roles and asks you to consider how and why we hear and listen to everything.  Combines composed | partially improvised | fully improvised music,  sounding the full spectrum of approaches and results.

listen | composer | perform explores the spectrum of the creative process - artists using a variety of methods to achieve varying artistic goals, where method of delivery is a clear element of their creative process. In some cases the composition process needs to be realised live and in situ and in others a structural process is the only fixed or composed element of the creative process” – Karen Power

Directions explores the many facets of music composition in Ireland, and their broader context in the international scene. The series consists of six concerts, each curated by a different composer with a selection of Irish and international works. The result will be unique musical experiences, built from the experiences, interests and passions of the curators Linda Buckley, Grainne Mulvey, Ed Bennett, Peter Moran and Karen Power. Supported by Arts Council Ireland. The AIC is supported by IMRO.

Featuring performances from the composer/performer John Godfrey, duo David Stalling and Anthony Kelly, sound art collective Quiet Club, Berlin-based vocalist Ute Wasserman, flautist Lina Andonovska and more, listen | compose | perform allows the audience to choose how, when and where to engage. Lasting three hours, the event invites you to be part of a unique sonic space that is shaped and created in and around the space itself; the audience will be given a timetable on entry and can explore the space and come and go as they please.

The event will also offer the Irish premiere hearings of early electronic works by masters of the tradition, including Luc Ferrari’s Music Promenade and John Chowning’s Turenas.