Irish Shortlist Selected for Hong Kong Musicarama

The AIC have selected the shortlist of six Irish works to be submitted for the ISCM Musicarama Festival in Hong Kong in June 2015. The shortlist has been sent to an international jury who will choose one piece to repesent Ireland at the festival next year. The selected composer will be provided with three nights accommodation in Hong Kong to attend the performance and to meet with other selected composers from around the world. Selected composers may also be invited to give a public presentation on their work. The work selected for 2015 Irish shortlist are:

Anna Murray - Roji (Category 2: Chamber Music)

Ben Dwyer - In Memoriam (Category 1: Orchestral)

Elis Czerniak - Reheal (Category 2: Chamber Music)

John McLachlan - Where We Are (Category 2: Chamber Music)

Peter Fahey - Impressions (Category 1: Orchestral)

Ryan Molloy -  Gealach Chríoch Lochlann (Category 2: Chamber Music)

The panellists were committee members Martin O'Leary and Peter Moran, and composer and guitarist Donal MacErlaine. There was a great response to the initial call and the panel were delighted to have such a high standard of work to choose from. Any AIC member is welcome to sit on future selection panels by e-mailing in to register their interest. We once again wish all our shortlisted composers the very best of luck!